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Birthday -- December 16

Pray for Wendy's heart and back condition as well as her overall health.
Pray for  her job at Burger King Restaurant.
Pray for her safety and protection at all times.
It's hard to find the proper words to describe Wendy.  Suffice it to say that Wendy is certainly a "special daughter".  She was born with Down's Syndrome and has had open heart surgery at 4 years of age.  She can read and write very well and graduated from high school in June of 2000.  She loves music. She loves to pray.  She prays for this ministry faithfully and enjoys traveling when she is able.  She enjoys getting letters and E-mails so feel free to write to her at any time.  The following  is her favorite poem:  (E-mail Wendy at chalkart@netins.net


Of all the angels God created, There was one made just for me. My love for her is dedicated, My child is "Special", you see. She's been such a comfort to my heart in so many ways unknown.

And if only she could grasp in part, The bright sunshine she has sown. In happy times, and sad ones too, Her presence is deeply felt. That beautiful smile shines through, The hardest of hearts can melt.

Jesus is her joy and song, Her friend and Savior too. Many by her, to the Lord will be led, And their lives will be made anew. The halls of college she may never walk, A husband she may never choose.

She may never hear of children talk and a car license never use. Some Fathers have been denied this joy and wonder "How can it be?" That caring for my own angel girl has made ME special...not she!

When Christ comes back to gather His own, Somehow, I would like to feel Wendy, my daughter, will be near the throne, Shouting, "DADDY,  I AM HEALED!!"

Wendy had a part time job at Wendy’s Restaurant here in our hometown of Ottumwa, Iowa for 11 years. One day in the fall of 2012 while dropping her off at work, the manager came out to the parking lot and informed me the company had just called and abruptly closed the restaurant permanently. This was a shocker for everyone, especially Wendy. It took some time trying to explain this unexpected development to her.

Since Governor Mike Huckabee and I had become friends over the preceding years, he soon learned of Wendy’s situation in our regular communication. He asked me if I cared if he “mentioned it publicly.” I told him it was not anything private, so I guessed it would be okay. We did not know specifically what he had in mind. Later that week, he contacted me and told us to be sure to see his TV show, HUCKABEE, on Fox News that Saturday evening. He wanted to be sure Wendy could watch.

Even though we did not really know what to expect, we assumed he might mention her name- and wish her well. However, we were amazed when the show aired, to find he did his entire opening monologue about Wendy and her employment situation. Here is the video clip from Governor Huckabee’s TV show in case you were unable to view it in September of 2012.




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