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Over the years I have been asked hundreds of questions at meetings around the country. Below is a list of 40 of some of the most common ones. These are all actual questions. Some have been asked many, many times. They are in no particular order:
When did you become a Christian ?
    I received the Lord at an early age at home. I attended Sunday School and church regularly with my family. Even though I was very young I could understand at some level the Pastor's sermons because I knew I was a sinner and needed the Lord to save me. During the closing invitation each week I sensed the Lord was prompting me to respond, but since I was pretty young, I assumed people would think I was not "old enough" to understand.

I remember talking to my mother at home about it one day. She said, "When your dad gets home he will talk with you about it further." Later that same day, a Saturday in 1961 , my dad led me through several Bible passages and I prayed to receive Christ as Savior and Lord. (I was baptized at a later time when I was seven years old.)
Have you always been interested in art ?
    Yes, as a small boy I always remember drawing. As I got a little older , I recall drawing pictures of school teachers, classmates, animals...just about anything.
Where is your office located ?
    I have a "home office" which works out well. We have a 2 1/2 car garage that is separate from our house, but only a few feet away. Half of it has been converted into my office/studio. This is also where I do all of the black light work on the "hidden" pictures that I use in presentations. This arrangement is much handier than having to drive to an office at another location.
Where did you study art ?
    Actually, I have never had any formal training. We had art class in elementary school but I don't really recall much about it. As a boy, I once started a correspondence art course but I don't think I ever actually finished it for some reason. Back in the early to mid 80's I attended a workshop in Michigan where I purchased some supplies, chalk , and an old easel. I also received some basic instructions and went home and experimented with it. Even though I give full credit to the Lord for allowing me to have some natural abilities in this field, I would describe myself as being primarily "self-taught."
How long have you been doing this ministry ?
    The first "official" presentation I did in public was on Easter Sunday night of 1984. Several requests for presentations followed, but I did not begin on a full-time basis until 1987. So, at the end of 2006 would have concluded my 20th year.
How did you get started in such a unique ministry ?
    In the early 1980's I was teaching a young adult Sunday School class. I was already using visual teaching techniques in my class, but wondered how artwork could somehow be incorporated into the teaching. Since I had been interested in art since I was a boy, I investigated that possibility a bit further.

I had been introduced to chalk art in 1980 while attending a seminar while living in Sacramento, California. I contacted Bill Gothard of Institute in Basic Life Principles and through him heard of a man in Michigan that had been involved in chalk art for many years. As mentioned above in another answer I attended a workshop in 1984 and was able to purchase an old easel and some supplies. I began to experiment with some various techniques, although at that point never really thought this would all progress into a full time ministry.

On Easter Sunday night of 1984 I did a presentation at our local church. It seemed to be very effective. I was asked that same night by some people from another area church if I could come to their church sometime. As time went on, I received many requests from area churches as the word spread. Eventually, I started to send out a few postcards that described this unique approach to sharing the Gospel. The requests increased even more after that. By 1986 we began to pray about the possibility of starting an official ministry under the authority of our local church.....which we did in 1987.
What Bible College did you attend ?
    Actually, I did not attend Bible College. Not that I am opposed to that of course, but in the way all this started , I was not really in a position to attend college. Obviously, I read and study the Bible on a regular basis and have learned a great deal from good Bible Teachers and Pastors over the years.
Do you have a mentor, or someone who encouraged you to do this ?
     Not really. Bill Gothard, the man I mentioned earlier, was the person who I originally got the "idea" from. Even though his style of chalk art was a little different than mine...I guess you could say that he "visualized achievement" for me through his ministry. His total dedication to Christ I'm sure played a role in those early years....and still does today. Also, a man by the name of Ding Teuling from Muskegon, Michigan was the guy whose chalkart workshop I attended over 20 years ago. His willingness to share his talents and knowledge of this medium has greatly benefited me. I think I could safely say that had it not been for Bill Gothard and Ding Teuling I would not be doing this today.

Another friend of mine who has been a real encouragement is Rod Snow from Niles, Michigan. He is a great chalk artist as well as a ventriloquist. We have stayed in touch regularly for over 20 years now. In addition to these 3 men, I would say my wife, Shirley, has played an important role as well...especially initially. I was a little apprehensive in the beginning as to whether something like this could or would "take off" to the point of being a viable "occupation." She encouraged me and has been through alot of circumstances that many wives do not experience whose husbands have "normal" occupations.
Have you taken courses on public speaking ?
     No. I am the last person on earth I ever thought would do anything like this. Years ago I recall telling the Lord I desired to be used of Him as long as it could be "behind the scenes" so to speak , because there would be absolutely no way I could ever get up in front of a group and say anything. I guess that didn't work out so well.
Are you right-handed or left handed or amodextrious ?
     Right-handed. I do draw some with my left hand but that is primarily so the audience can see a little better from various locations. I had tennis elbow some years back and so when my arm would begin to hurt I tried using my left hand a little to give my right arm a rest. It didn't seem real awkward, so I have kept it up for several years now, even though I am right-handed. It's funny in a way though, because as I type this I just realized that I never have "practiced" with my left hand. I just do it off and on while drawing in public...kind of weird.
Does your wife and daughter travel with you ?
     Sometimes. It all depends on their schedules and where I have meetings scheduled etc. We try to go together several times throughout the year although most meetings I am by myself. Shirley sings when she can accompany me and also runs my sound. We have had some great times in lots of states around the country and have met many great people. Wendy is a very good traveler and loves meeting all the people we meet at our services.
Do you stay at motels/hotels or in homes when you are on the road ?
     Oh boy, I could write a novel here (but I won't) The majority of the time the church provides an area motel for me (us) to stay in. On some occasions, we stay with a family who attends the church where we are holding meetings. We have had some very unusual and humorous experiences over the years which I won't go into here. However, the vast majority of the time staying with people has been a good experience. We have met lots of nice people, many of whom we keep in contact with to this day. Don't get me wrong though, motels were a tremendous invention...life can be great, even at Super 8. : )
What do you do with the pictures that you draw at your meetings ?
     I keep them, as I can actually use the background over again a few times. The "hidden" part of the drawing is done in invisible fluorescent chalk. Depending upon what I draw in that part of the picture it can take me 4-10 hours of tedious work. The part of the drawing I do in public can be removed (they told me years ago that it couldn't be done) I carefully use a shop-vac with a brush on it which will take off part of the chalk...then, I rub it with a regular chalk board eraser which removes more of it until I "clean off" most of the drawing, except for the "hidden" part. I have to vacuum the eraser several times during this process.

After getting it cleaned , I fill in all the blank area with regular chalk to get the background prepared to draw on it again. I call it "prepping the picture." This way, I can use that same background over again a few times at other churches so I don't have to re-draw the "hidden" part of the picture over and over each time. This saves me a great deal of time and enables me to get a little more "mileage" out of that particular background.

I can haul up to 12 different backgrounds in my trailer in such a way that they do not rub together or get damaged while transporting them. Due to this, I can not "give away" my drawings at the meetings as some artists have done in the past ( to whoever brings the most first time visitors etc.) The "hidden" part of the drawing is done in the dark, under a black light. All of this special "invisible fluorescent chalk" looks white, until it is held under a black light in the dark. I usually do these drawings at home in my office before ever going to the church, since they are very time consuming. Plus, I cannot be assured I can get the auditorium or sanctuary where I will be drawing dark enough to be able to "see" properly to draw the "hidden" image.
Do you ever sell chalk drawings ?
     Yes, on occasion. I don't "advertise" it alot because I don't have alot of extra time to do drawings as they are very time consuming. Of course, I take much more time to complete a drawing I am selling to someone than the quickly drawn ones I do in our meetings. (But I will do them when I can find the time.) I used to have a sheet on our display table that listed the descriptions of several different drawings...prices etc. but I don't do that so much anymore.... I get too many people wanting to buy them. Most of the time, people want a drawing done like the one they see me do at any given service. The size is roughly 40 x 55 inches and the cost is 295.00....this includes the "hidden picture." Drawings without a hidden picture are considerably less in cost.

We do have a program where people can win a free drawing of their choice. When someone recommends our ministry to a church that eventually schedules us (due to their recommendation ) they can get their drawing at no cost. A number of people have taken advantage of this over the years.
Who does your bookings for you ?
     Sometimes people assume that churches or some "agency" does that for me, but I actually do all of it myself. It is a huge undertaking and very time consuming, getting all the meetings scheduled and materials sent for promotion, mileage figured, directions, time zones etc. It would be nice to just be told where I am to go, but unfortunately for me, it is pretty much a "one man operation." In January and February of each year, I usually do a mailing to churches of some literature explaining about the availability of our ministry. Over the past few years, that has been partially replaced by sending e-mails to Pastors and churches, primarily because of ever increasing postage rates. I sometimes place a small ad in Christian magazines or newspapers. For the amount of engagements I schedule in a years time, I really do very little advertising, most of the meetings scheduled come from "word of mouth" recommendations.
Do you ever go to smaller churches, or does the congregation have to be a certain size ?
     I go wherever the Lord opens the door, regardless of the numbers. I have spoken and drawn in front of crowds all the way from 1,800 people down to 18 people. As long as people are present, I see it as an opportunity to clearly share the truth of scripture. The truth of God's Word being conveyed is the primary goal, since it is the only thing that has the power to actually change hearts and lives. When I do a series of meetings, like a Sunday morning through a Wednesday night ( 5 or 6 different sessions ) we often see the attendance build as people become familiar with this unique approach and want to attend the next service and bring friends or relatives with them.

I recall a Pastor reluctantly asking me if I would come to their church, which only averaged 32 people on Sunday morning. I said I would come and by Wednesday night they had 111 people in attendance which was very encouraging to the leadership there. Recently, I was at a church that was reportedly the largest church in that state for that particular denomination, the next week I was in a much smaller church. The church size really varies from week to week so it keeps everything interesting as well as challenging. One thing I've noticed over the years though, is that people and their needs are basically the same all over the country, whether they attend a small , medium , or large church.
Do you have a set fee to do a service or does the church take up offerings for your ministry ?
     The church normally covers my basic expenses and then takes up free-will love offerings at the close of the presentations. This, of course, is "risky" but just all a part of trusting the Lord to provide. Our "Financial Arrangements" are listed here on our Web Site. You can click on that navigation bar on the left side of our home page to read more specific details. Usually, churches use the suggested financial formulas listed there. Even when a church is not able to cover our expenses, I normally still go to that church and trust the Lord to provide through the offerings.
Are you a tax-deductible ministry like a church ?
     No. We did look into that once , but decided against it due to all the regulations etc.
Can I make a tax deductible gift to Drawing Closer Ministries ?
    Yes. We do not publicly ask for donations but are sometimes asked this question. If you would like to do so, you may write your check out to : "Living Hope Bible Church" and mail it to....Living Hope Bible Church.... 201 West Walnut....Eldon, Iowa 52554. In the memo line write, "Drawing Closer Ministries" or "DCM." Or, if you want, write a short note that you want this amount to go to our ministry. At the end of the year you may request a giving receipt that you may use for income tax purposes. If you are not concerned about whether or not your contribution is tax deductible, you can just make out the check to "Drawing Closer Ministries" and mail to 1935 Greenwood Drive...Ottumwa, Iowa 52501. Even though we make no public appeals for donations, we do appreciate and can make good use of any support we receive.
Where do you get your chalk ?
     I usually get it from a couple of sources in Michigan. It is hard to find and expensive. For further info you may contact the following: Teuling Enterprises c/o Cristie Faltinowski....14200 138th Avenue...Grand Haven, Michigan 49417 ....Phone: 616-845-2166 or Eternity Arts....3160 Jaquay Road....Boyne City, Michigan 49712....Phone: 231-536-9000.
Do you know of any other chalk artists ?
     I know very few. The main one I know is my friend, Rod Snow, that I mentioned earlier in the answer to Question # 8. There are a few people I know of around the country that use chalk art in some form, but not many I know of using it in full-time Christian work. I guess everyone has their own "style"and focus. Some have used chalk art that is geared more to smaller children and elementary age kids, while our ministry is geared more to adults and/or the church congregation as a whole. One statement we have heard repeatedly over the years when at a church is..." Well, I've seen chalk artistry before - but never anything like this !" In fact, we heard that so many times that we actually used that phrase on some of our literature for awhile. The person I would consider as being the "Grandfather of Chalk Artistry" is Ding Teuling. He is an older gentlemen who has helped many people in this field over the years by conducting his own workshops and seminars. I am very grateful to him for his willingness to share his knowledge and insights.
Do you go to any kind of church or does it have to be a certain denomination ?
     Again, wherever the Lord clearly opens a door of opportunity, I try to go. Consequently, I have had the opportunity of ministering in a wide variety of denominations over the years. It does make a difference what people believe, however , I am not extremely concerned about the name over the church door where our ministry is concerned. Our primary thrust is to clearly communicate the truth of God's Word to the people who gather for a service and how Jesus Christ can transform their lives. The visual nature of the chalk artistry has opened many doors of opportunity that otherwise may have been closed to the truth of scripture. This has never occurred, but if I were contacted by a church that simply wanted an "art show" so to speak, and they made it clear that they wanted no mention of the Bible or the transforming power of the Gospel message...then obviously, I would not schedule that sort of an engagement.

Our priority to communicate the truth of scripture is based simply on the fact that "the meaning of the scripture is the scripture." A person can have a Bible, they can read the Bible, they can say they believe the Bible, but if they don't understand it, then they don't have God's message. It's the meaning that is the message. That's why we are commanded to make every effort to impart God's Word completely, accurately, and clearly according to 2 Timothy 2:15. This verse uses the phrase "rightly dividing the word of truth" which literally means "cutting it straight"....a reference to the exactness demanded by such trades as carpentry, masonry, and Paul's trade of leather working and tent making.
I love your music, where do you get it ?
     I use a variety of musical groups in my presentations. I always have music playing in the background as I draw. Usually, I try to pick songs that help convey the message that has just been given. Sometimes, the songs even tie into what I happen to be drawing at any given time. I use what we consider to be conservative Christian music, blending various song styles all the way from older hymns, southern Gospel and newer/conservative , more contemporary songs. Developing the music tracks is also pretty time consuming as I have to have everything timed out to fit the length of the drawing. The music is different, of course, for each presentation and always plays an important role in the services. The music always goes over so well, that we have had scores of people over the years ask to purchase it, even though we don't sell it....except through some of the videos. Of course, when she is able to accompany me, my wife, Shirley provides some special live music at the beginning of the presentations. This always adds a great deal to the overall program. She has a cassette tape available on this Web Site under "Special Offers"and also plans to do a new CD in the future.
So, what's on your DVD's ?
     A few years ago I held meetings in a church that had some television equipment. They offered to professionally record the services from beginning to end. The guy who did it was very knowledgeable in the audio-visual field and did a great job. The recordings are just like if you were to watch the entire service from beginning to end on TV. He recorded 5 different presentations that week. They were available for purchase for a few years but I am currently out of them. I feel they may be getting slightly outdated so my plan is to someday, once again have several presentations professionally recorded on DVD's.
Your sound system is the best one I've ever heard, what kind is it ?
     This question is one we hear repeatedly. The brand is Electro-Voice. It is called the "100 M Entertainer" and does have a wonderful clear sound. My wireless microphone as well as Shirley's singing microphone are also Electro-Voice. We find it a little comical but sometimes even in a very large church that seemingly has all the latest equipment, we get all these questions about our sound equipment. I can't count the number of times people come up and say..."This is the first Sunday in years I could clearly hear every word that was said." We still use cassette tapes since we have so much stuff already recorded that way. I may eventually switch to CD's but I guess "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies here. I do have a CD player that I can run through my system but have only used it on occasion.
How long does it take to set up all of your equipment ?
     I allow about 2 full hours in most cases. Sometimes I will have help in unloading my trailer when I arrive and sometimes I don't. I have alot of heavy equipment and lots of things to assemble so it takes some time. Also, each location is a little different as to the size and layout of the platform/stage so I have to be prepared for the unexpected.
I read somewhere that you have ran in those 26.2 mile marathons. How far do you run everyday ?
     I began running back in high school, primarily to get in shape for the basketball season. For some reason, I liked it and c ontinued it year round. In the 10 years or so following high school I did run in a couple of marathons ( 26.2 miles ) as well as several other half marathons and 10 K's. Then, I went a few years where I stopped for some reason and slowly got all out of shape. Several years ago, I started again and have maintained a fairly rigorous schedule over the years. I sometimes use an elliptical machine in addition to doing strength training with free weights 3 times per week with programs such as P90X.
Do you ever take a vacation ?
     Yes. We try to take a little time off in the summer. For the past few years we have spent about a week in Branson, Missouri. My dad has a home there and Shirley's folks have a time-share condo they make available to us if needed. We really appreciate this since paying lodging for a whole week can get pretty expensive.
Are you on the road all year, or just during certain months ?
     My schedule stays pretty consistent throughout the year, although the summer months are sometimes a little lighter. Occasionally, even the summer months are very full, too. If I do have any "free time" during the summer I try to catch up on work around home and the numerous other things that pile up during the course of the year. I am not gone from home for extended periods. I try to be at home as much as possible and am usually just gone for 1- 6 days at a time, depending upon my schedule. However, I do not go out for 2-3 months at a time or anything like that.
Where do you get all of your ideas ?
     The foundation of all my presentations of course, is the Bible. However, the ideas for drawings, music and general topics or themes just come from my own mind and life experiences. I may hear a particular song that gives me an idea for a drawing, or, I may think of a meaningful drawing and then try to find music that would be appropriate to accompany it. Other times, I may have a particular "message" idea that I try to develop a drawing and music around. There is no set template that I use. I have lots of ideas in all of these categories that I have not yet had time to develop. The basic goal is to attempt to share Biblical truth in a visually captivating way that will in turn be used of God to "draw" people closer to Himself, and to in some way advance His Kingdom so that He gets all the glory.
Do you have any presentations geared specifically to children ?
     Not really, since our ministry is geared to reach the parents. Children do enjoy the drawings and on rare occasions I have done a few programs with only children in the audience. Reaching children may very well be more "important" than what I do, but that is not really my calling. Our ministry is most effective when it is presented to adults all the way down to the high school age group.
When you are at one location for a whole week, what do you do during the day ?
     I am normally at an area motel so I always bring work with me. I have a laptop computer that I can keep up with e-mails I may get at my home office. I often bring materials with me that I can work on throughout the day, such as new presentations that I am working on.

Each day I have to go to the church to work awhile to get everything prepared for the next service. Of course, I run sometime during the day depending upon what that days schedule may be. Sometimes, the Pastor will want me to visit some people with him or speak to another group within the church during the day. Occasionally, I will speak and draw for a special meeting of area Pastors and/or speak to a Christian School group during the day. The week usually passes by very quickly so I am never bored or run out of anything to do.
What authors or Bible teachers do you like to listen to or read ?
     John Mac Arthur would have to be one of my favorite authors and teachers. I have alot of his books and CD's. I'm afraid his style of "in-depth" teaching and preaching is fading fast in Christian circles today. Actually, there are a number of Pastors that I have greatly benefited from over the years. One book I read a couple years ago that I found to be quite interesting was Jerry Falwell's Autobiography. In a way, it sounds like it could be boring, but I had trouble even putting it down till I was finished. I also read from "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers each day. Even though it was written back in the early 1900's, it is filled with many powerful insights. Also, the biographies of Christians of years gone by are very meaningful, men like A.W. Tozer, George Muller, Charles Spurgeon, Watchman Nee and Andrew Murray.
Do you have a favorite Christian singer ?
     This is a hard one because I love music and there are thousands of very talented singers (myself not included) Of course, my wife Shirley always tops my list. The Lord has used her voice and music style to touch many lives over the years. As far as male singers go, I guess I would have to say Steve Green. We have alot of his music and have seen him in person a number of times. His dedication to Christ and overall humility only adds to his one of a kind voice. I've often said that his music is like listening to an in depth sermon only through singing. Probably the best male singer I know personally is Phil Griffith. Phil is a Pastor and lives almost next door to us. I have heard thousands of singers throughout my lifetime but he simply has to be right at the top. I normally have some of his CD's available for purchase at my display table at my meetings. As of this writing I am currently out of them, but send me an e-mail if you would like a copy of his CD entitled , "Never Changing Father." I should be getting more copies soon, and may have them available right now for only $12.00.
Have you been to all of the churches in your hometown ?
     No. I have been to a few of them over the years but not to the vast majority of them. It's sort of odd, but when you live in a community, I think there is a certain stigma attached to it. People evidently assume that if you live in Ottumwa, Iowa your ministry or business or whatever it is must lack quality and professionalism. Jesus even mentioned this phenomenon in John 4:44 when he "testified that a prophet has no honor in his own country." I am not a "prophet, of course, but I think the same general principle applies. I have had many others in similar lines of "church work" tell me the same thing.

A man in Texas told me he travels the whole country but is rarely in his own area. Another speaker in Michigan said, " I have only had TWO churches in Michigan invite me for a campaign in the past 35 years. There is a psychological impression that if a church imports a speaker from some long distance away....he must be good or they wouldn't bring him in from so far away. Distance lends enchantment. A missionary from Tibet, Nepal or Madagascar would have more "mystery" than a Missionary from Wyoming." I think he makes a good point.

Of course, I would welcome the opportunity to book lots of meetings close to home, but that is something I leave up to the Lord's leading. I have been to hundreds of churches in the state of Iowa, just not that many in our own hometown. Ottumwa is a city of about 25,000 population with probably 75-85 churches, at least.
How far away do you travel to have meetings ?
     There is no set limit as to distance. Since 1987 we have been in 22 states around the country. Other states, as well as a number of foreign countries, have requested us to come but due to our already full schedule we have not been able to go all those places. So far, we have held services in Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Arkansas, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Alabama and Pennsylvania.
Do you get lonely when you are by yourself ?
     Sometimes. I do miss Shirley and Wendy a great deal, especially when I am gone for several days in a row. Of course, cell phones and e-mail help tremendously. We talk a few times each day when I have to be gone. Diligence is "visualizing each task as a special assignment from the Lord and using all my energies to accomplish it." Endurance is "the inward strength to withstand stress to accomplish God's best." Patience is "accepting a difficult situation from God without giving Him a deadline to remove it." Determination is "purposing to accomplish God's goals in God's time regardless of the opposition. " These are a few of the qualities I try to focus on when I get lonely.
What made you decide to give your talents to the Lord and use them in Christian, rather than secular work ?
     I do not believe we really "give God" our talents and abilities because we cannot "give God" what is not ours. What I have attempted to give the Lord is "the right to myself." This is difficult but necessary. I recall reading what Oswald Chambers wrote over 100 years ago....." We have the notion that we can consecrate our gifts to God. You cannot consecrate what is not yours; there is only one thing you can consecrate to God, and that is your right to yourself. (Romans 12:1) If you will give God your right to yourself, He will make a holy experiment out of you. God's experiments always succeed."

In the early 1980's, I began to feel the Lord prompting me to get involved in some sort of Christian work. I knew it was not to be a Pastor or Missionary...but something. I struggled with this for a time when this door of chalk artistry was opened before me , as I describe in the answer to Question # 6.
How do you get your hands clean after getting all that chalk on them ?
     Primarily soap and water. My hands can become stained to a certain degree when having lots of meetings in a row...sort of like a mechanics hands. I found a spray called "Kork Rub" that works quite well to remove what soap and water won't quite get clean.
What is the biggest misconception people have about Drawing Closer Ministries ?
     Probably that it is something strictly for small children. Initially, some people assume chalk art would be in the category of Vacation Bible School, Junior Church, Kid's Bible Clubs etc. I am sure some form of chalk art could be used effectively in those areas, but what I do is targeted more to adults.

Another misconception is that it is strictly a series of drawings or almost an art show type format. A lady at a convenience store saw my truck and trailer while I was getting gas one time and asked me if I had any "Elvis" paintings for sale. As I once backed up to a church to unload equipment , a guy came out and said, "Well, we have an old chalkboard back here in one of the class rooms if you just want to use it."

Generally, many people do not realize at first that the chalk art is only about 1/3 of our presentations. The main part is the visually illustrated teaching that precedes the drawing. Some have said the teaching is the "meat and potatoes and the drawing is the gravy" or the teaching is the "cake and the drawing is the frosting." It has been very encouraging over the years because nearly every single 'series' of meetings I have ever held has produced the same pattern in people. The first service or two, people are all intrigued by the chalk drawing and the whole concept of the hidden picture that emerges at the end. By the second or third service people begin taking lots of notes and becoming more consumed with what is being taught , than with what is being drawn. Lots of people make comments like...

" These drawings are awesome but I would come back tomorrow night even if you weren't drawing a picture. " That is the whole purpose of the ministry. If all I did was draw pictures to hear some "oohs and ahhs"I would have quit many years ago.
Hopefully, you have found answers to some of the questions you may have had. If not, feel free to send me an e-mail or letter and ask anything you want. Obviously, I have been ask many more questions than these over the years, but these 40 are a few that seemed to pop into my head first.

A few closing thoughts.......Serving the Lord is the most exciting and rewarding experience on earth, and yet, at the same time, it is the most difficult. A philosopher once observed that there are 2 great tragedies in life. The first tragedy is NOT getting the desires of our heart. The second tragedy is GETTING them. The problem is that we often think we know what we want in life, but when we finally get it, it is not what we thought it was going to be. We are then sometimes disappointed and disillusioned.

For this reason we must FIRST seek the face of the Giver before seeking his gifts. There is a built-in reward for all who do this. A 16 year old King of Israel discovered that "as long as he SOUGHT the Lord, God made him to prosper." (2 Chronicles 26:5 ) Notice that God does not say that He will bless our LABOR for Him, but He will bless our SEEKING of Him. In fact, He reproved the church at Ephesus for losing their first love for Him, even though they were busy doing "good works." ( See Revelation 2:15)


One of the practical reasons for seeking the Lord is so that He will give us the right desires. Then we will WANT the right things. " Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." (Psalm 37:4)

One thing I have focused on more this year than anything else is to strive to OBEY and SEEK the Lord.... before getting so wrapped up in SERVING the Lord. Certainly we need to serve the Lord as believers. However, it is sometimes easy to become so engulfed in SERVING the Lord...that on closer inspection we sometimes discover we are not SEEKING or really OBEYING the Lord. Oswald Chambers wrote a powerful statement when he wrote this....

"The greatest competitor of devotion to Jesus is service for Him."

Since there is nothing more important in life or foundational to daily success, I am praying that nothing will hinder you from seeking the Lord's face. Do now what you must do someday.



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