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Virtually every church who has ever scheduled our ministry over the past 30 plus years have found our suggested financial "formulas" listed below to be very conservative and more than reasonable. However, if for any reason you have a "financial" concern.....CONTACT ME ANYWAY !

Even though this is my "full time occupation," and the way I support my family....I am obviously not doing this to "make money." If necessary, I am even willing to try to pay some of my own expenses and mileage costs myself, if that is all that might prevent you from booking a meeting or meetings. Other than the basic expense fee and mileage, I primarily rely on the free-will love offerings that are received to support our ministry and family. There is no mention by me at our presentations about financial needs, money or offerings.

I truly desire to serve you and your congregation through this unique ministry in such a way that the truth of scripture is clearly conveyed, you are encouraged, the church family uplifted, and God receives all the glory.

Please read the information below carefully....it is very easy to follow. If you have any questions or need specific mileage figures etc....contact me in any of the following ways:

E-mail me at.................
Call me at ....................
641-680-2997 (cell)
Write me at..................
Randy Davis/ DCM
177 Eastlake Street
Branson, Mo 65616


I would be happy to schedule a time to come to your church in person and can come for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 sessions...your choice!!


Drawing Closer Ministries is a full time Christian ministry primarily funded by the 'Love Offerings' or free will donations of individual churches.  Our policy is to never make pleas for money or even to make the needs of our ministry known publicly.  We trust the Lord to provide our needs through church love offerings and donations from individual Christians.

The presentations that are shared require many hours of preparation, even though most of them last only one hour in length.  Our ministry also requires an unusual amount of electrical equipment (multi-colored easel lights, overhead projector, sound system, etc.) plus many necessary supplies.  A full-size pickup and cargo trailer is used for transportation.

Even though an unusual ministry such as this is costly to operate, we still rely primarily on the free-will love offerings that are given.  In addition to the offerings, churches use one of the conservative "financial formulas" listed below to figure remuneration.


If you are holding one session only (Example: A Sunday morning or evening service or week night service) all we ask from the church to help cover our basic expenses is $175.00 plus $.65.5 per mile (round trip) for traveling expenses.  (The "Basic Fee" amount helps cover the costs of printing, postage, chalk, paper, lights, promotional materials and office supplies.)  In addition to the basic fee, we ask that a love offering be taken at the close of the presentation and be added to the basic fee and mileage.  This allows people to give as they feel led to do through the love offering and keeps the actual expense to the church itself to a minimum.
($175.00 and Mileage) + Love Offering
If you are holding 2 sessions (Example: Sunday morning and evening or any 2 services combination) the same formula is followed except the per session fee is reduced to $150.00.
($300.00 and Mileage) + 2 Love Offerings
If you are holding 3 or more sessions such as a Revival Series or Evangelistic Crusade or some type of special meetings, again the same formula is followed except for the per session rate is reduced even more to $100.00.
3 Session Series =  ($300.00 and Mileage) + 3 Love Offerings

4 Session Series =  ($400.00 and Mileage) + 4 Love Offerings

5 Session Series =  ($500.00 and Mileage) + 5 Love Offerings
(The 5 Session Series is the most popular)

NOTE: When overnight accommodations are necessary, the church also provides lodging at a local motel.  (It need not be first-class or fancy, a Motel 6 or Super 8 is adequate.)  If the church chooses to provide meals, one per day is sufficient.
In some situations it may not be appropriate to take a love offering, such as in a banquet setting (Father-Son / Mother-Daughter / Christmas / Valentine / Thanksgiving etc.)  For any banquet or other special setting where a love offering is not received, the financial formula used is:
($450.00 and Mileage)
Special arrangements can be made for churches that are very small or financially unable to meet the formulas above.  If for some reason these 'Financial Arrangements' will not work out for you -- I am still willing to come for whatever your church can do.  Hope to hear from you soon!

See I Corinthians 9:14-19


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