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While teaching a Young Adult Sunday School Class in 1983, Randy Davis began to visualize how artistry could be used along with Bible teaching to convey spiritual truths. Although he has had no formal training, Randy grew up with an interest in art. After gaining some basic knowledge of chalk artistry through a workshop he attended in Michigan, Randy purchased some supplies and began experimenting with different methods and techniques of communicating the Gospel. On Easter Sunday night in 1984, he was asked to do a presentation at his home church. The response was overwhelming, in fact, he received 2 invitations that night to speak and draw at other churches. 

Finally in 1987, Randy founded "Drawing Closer Ministries" and began traveling to various churches throughout the mid-western United States. The combination of visual Bible teaching, chalk artistry, and music proved to be so powerful and effective that after much thought and prayer Randy went into full time ministry in 1989. The ministry has grown and expanded each year since then. Randy is now contacted by hundreds of churches throughout America and has had numerous requests from foreign countries. 

The primary purpose of Drawing Closer Ministries is to convey the Gospel message of Jesus Christ along with numerous other Bible principles to people throughout America and the world. Our aim is to serve and encourage local churches and Pastors by providing them a different and unique alternative for Sunday Church Services, Revivals, Bible Conferences, Evangelistic Crusades, Banquets and other special church events. Our goal in visually communicating the truth of scripture is to see men and women, boys and girls 'draw closer' to the Lord Jesus Christ. We praise God for the many people who have accepted Jesus Christ personally as their Savior and Lord through this ministry as well as the scores of Christian people who have re-dedicated their lives to Him. 

As a general rule, Randy attempts to share a blend of material that will relate and apply to Non-Christian people as well as believers. This seminar-style blend of evangelism and discipleship has proven to be extremely effective in advancing the cause of Christ.


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